about us

We have been practicing sustainable farming and avoiding pesticides since 2008. We are not certified organic, but we follow organic practices because we are concerned about the foods we eat and our environment. We farm about 2 acres of land, growing a variety of seasonal market-garden veggetables, fruits and herbs. We tend to grow items we like to eat because we eat all the things we grow.

We prefer to manage a few small custom produce orders per week and our farm vision is to provide those lucky customers with a just-picked, farm-fresh experience. We hope they get as close as possible to the freshness that exists when you gather and eat foods that just came out of the garden. We put together custom orders shortly before the customer arrives, usually within an hour or two before arrival.

We also connected with an AWESOME Local Farm Store located just minutes from our farm that sells locally grown meats, veggetables, fruits, baked goods and sundries -- Oakridge Acres County Meat Store. We take a variety of items there throughout the growing season and we usually post a Facebook message on our page when we make deliveries.

Our family loves animals. We have a dog, 2 cats and sometimes pastured poultry. In the past we have had Orlopp Bronze Turkey's and a variety of Chicken breeds. We decided to take a Poultry break, so unfortunately that means we will not have any Pastured Eggs or Thanksgiving Turkey.

Farmers working at the Toronto Garlic Festival