The Cobblestone Farm is located in Paris Ontario. We practice sustainable farming methods, and avoid pesticide use but we are not certified organic. If you are looking for Local Produce, we grow a variety of Seasonal Market Garden items plus we have over 16 varieties of Gourmet Garlic and 8 varieties of Potatoes.

August to Thanksgiving Our Roadside Farmstand is open Saturdays and Sundays from 11am to 5pm, with Fresh, No Spray produce grown at our farm and Pastured Eggs.  The Roadside Farm Stand offers a convenient way to maintain a safe social distance while shopping during the COVID pandemic. 

You can follow our Facebook page to see images of the No Spray items we have set out at the Stand. After Thanksgiving our Roadside Farmstand may be " Open by Chance," and when it is we will post a Facebook update with veggie images so you can decide if you want to stop by.

We can prepare a Custom Order for pick-up if you send the farm a TEXT message at 226-401-1050. We require at least 48 hours notice for any custom orders. Once we hear from you we will:
--> confirm your order details and plan a tentative pick-up time.
--> prepare your order and confirm item availability as well as firm-up on the pick-up time.
--> place your order at the stand for roadside pickup shortly before you arrive.
Please ensure you talk with us to confirm final arrangements prior to coming to the Stand for pick-up.

If you are looking for other locally sourced meats, vegetables, fruits and condiments please stop by OakRidge Acres Country Meat Store located in Ayr Ontario. This gem is open Tuesday to Saturday and they have a great variety of health-conscious foods and products from local producers. When shopping at OakRidge Acres this fall, please keep an eye out for our No Spray Gourmet Garlic and  Potatoes.  

*Custom orders are prepared within 24 hours of confirmed pickup timing and we prepare only quality items for sale.

Stay Healthy, HAPPY & Safe!   

For some interesting and tastey recipies, check out our Blog!

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